From plastic films to finished goods, Hop Industries Corporation
is dedicated to providing customers with market leading products
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With over thirty years of experience in the plastic film converting industry, Hop offers in-house plastic roll slitting, sheeting, roll rewinding and guillotine cutting of PET films, PVC films, polypropylene films & synthetic papers. With our state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff, we can satisfy any plastic converting need with our industry leading turn around times.


We have two high speed state of art slitting machines and one narrow width slitting machine. Our machines are capable to:
• Slit master rolls with maximum width of 61” (both 3” and 6” cores) and maximum outside diameter (O.D.) of 40”
• Produce finish rolls with maximum width of 55” and minimum width of 7/8”.


The sheeting process consists of converting a master roll of material into sheets. The maximum size that can be made on this sheeter is 80” in length and 60” in width. * For sheets over 80” please contact us for details.


We have two guillotines for trimming and square cutting evenly cut sheets.
The maximum width it can cut and trim is 60” X 80”.


Hop Industries respects the environment. Our goal is to keep our standards for environmental efficiency high. • When our materials are run through the converting process, we make sure that the waste material is properly recycled. We also maintain a clean and safe working environment for all of our employees. • Since polypropylene based synthetic paper contains only carbon and hydrogen atoms, it does not poison the environment after its disposal. • Hop-Syn and DuraLite are weather resistant and durable therefore giving them the capability of being used for a long time without being thrown away. However, if it does need to be discarded, it is 100% recyclable. • Hop-Syn® has a resin identification code of 5 and is an excellent candidate for thermal recycling (incineration) and post industrial recycling.