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Environmental Statement

Hop Industries respects the environment and our goal is to keep our standards for environmental efficiency in recycling high.

  • When our materials are run through the converting process, we make sure that the waste material is properly recycled. We also maintain a clean and safe working environment for all of our employees.

  • Since polypropylene based synthetic paper contains only carbon and hydrogen atoms, it does not poison the environment after its disposal.

  • Hop-Syn and DuraLite are flexible and durable therefore giving them the capability of being used for a long time without being thrown away, and if it does need to be thrown away it is recyclable.

  • PET has a resin identification code of 1. and, is an excellent candidate for thermal recycling (incineration) as it is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen with only trace amounts of catalyst elements (no sulphur) and has the energy content of soft coal. These properties make it environmentally friendly to recycle using the thermal recycling process.