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Rigid PVC

Rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) otherwise known as rigid vinyl is widely accepted as one of the most durable, versatile, economical, and easy to process plastic materials available on the market today.
Rigid vinyl’s low cost and high durability make it an ideal material for applications ranging from thermoforming to printing.
With 40 years of experience in the rigid PVC industry, Hop Industries is well positioned to offer you the knowledge and expertise needed in today’s ever changing plastics industry.
Hop Industries is continually updating our product lines with the latest material developments and adjusting our formulations and capabilities to meet the needs of our customers.
We are proud to offer multiple grades of rigid PVC tailored to specific applications across both the thermoforming and printing industries.

Rigid PVC – Printing Grade

Produced domestically at our plant in Wharton, TX our Printing grade rigid PVC is engineered for the most demanding printing and packaging applications.

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Rigid PVC – Thermoforming Grade

For durable and aesthetically appealing retail packaging applications, Hop Industries is proud to offer our line of thermoforming grade rigid PVC films. Domestically manufactured with over 40 years of technical expertise and experience, our rigid PVC is engineered for the most demanding thermoforming applications. Formulated for long lasting visually appealing packages, our film is easy to process on most all thermoforming equipment. We maintain over 3 million pounds in our inventory and are well positioned to offer quick turnaround for small and large quantities as well as factory direct service for any custom runs.

Transparent Packaging
Available in multiple colors and surface finishes our printing grade Rigid PVC is suitable for virtually any printing job.

Graphic Applications
Combining excellent physical properties with easy printability, our box grade rigid PVC is ideal for high end visually appealing packages.

HOP Industries offers a full range of PVC for die-cutting and stamping thin-gauge products from either sheet or roll fed production. Our PVC is available from .003” through .040” for this production.

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