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Thermoforming Grade

For durable and aesthetically appealing retail packaging applications, Hop Industries is proud to offer our line of thermoforming grade rigid PVC films.
Domestically manufactured with over 40 years of technical expertise and experience, our rigid PVC is engineered for the most demanding thermoforming applications. Formulated for long-lasting visually appealing packages, our film is easy to process on most all thermoforming equipment.
With over 3 million pounds in our inventory, we are well positioned to offer quick turnaround for small and large quantities as well as factory direct service for any custom runs.

Our line of thermoforming grade rigid PVC film is separated into the following sub-grades:

Virgin Thermoforming Grade

Our virgin thermoforming grade is formulated and manufactured as a virgin homopolymer rigid PVC film. Engineered for use in thermoforming applications, this material is available with or without silicone coating.
By virtue of a denser resin than other manufacturers, our film is the industry leader in strength and durability, providing greater product security and structural integrity even with complex mold configurations.
Customized impact strengths for specific processing and field environments are available with cold crack temperature ratings from 5°F for standard blisters to -31°F for cold weather environments or parts that require high stress with repeated bending or flexing.

Utility/Recycled Thermoforming Grade

With no post-consumer content and a clean consistent source of feedstock, this grade will meet all requirements for any thermoforming application while providing a more economical cost. This grade is available with or without silicone coating and in customized impact strengths.

Easy Mold Release Thermoforming Grade

The easy mold release thermoforming grade is specifically engineered as an easy de-nesting and automatic processing friendly material.
By slightly reducing the gloss value and adding a uniform silicone coating, this grade allows for decreased surface contact which provides zero blocking, easy de-nesting, and easy mold release on finished parts.
This grade is designed for the sequential stacking and feeding of material into automatic equipment.
This grade is also available in customized impact strengths.

Anti-Static/Static Dissipative Thermoforming Grade

Our anti-static/static dissipative thermoforming grade is two sides coated with a static dissipative solution and is engineered for use in thermoforming blisters, clamshells, and trays.
Typical applications for this grade are electronic component dunnage and packaging. The static dissipative properties offer structural and electrostatic protection of sensitive electronic components.
This grade of material is compliant with EIA 541 requirements.

FDA Thermoforming Grade

Our FDA thermoforming grade is a rigid PVC film that has been engineered for use in thermoforming applications for indirect food contact.
This grade offers excellent clarity, outstanding deep draw capabilities, an ease in die cutting, and provides a broad thermoforming window.
This material is produced with food-grade additives that comply with CFR Title 21 – 178.2650, 178.2010, 178.3297, 178.3690, and 178.3790.

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